Edible Alchemy – Open Produce collaboration

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Although plenty of people walk into Open Produce and assume we’re an organic co-op or a health food store, we’re not – but we would certainly like to carry more local, organic produce, for a start. Higher prices, variable appearance, and inconsistent supply are hurdles for sales, and difficulties with sourcing the produce mean we just haven’t been able to capitalize on the many available resources.

Here to help is a new collaboration with Edible Alchemy, a local food co-op that organizes a local, all sustainably-(or organically)-grown produce share and fruit share every other week. Open Produce is now a drop-off site for these CSA-like share deliveries. We’re excited to develop relationships with many of Edible Alchemy’s producers and hopefully be able to get more produce from the farmers that they work with.

Stay tuned for further developments! For more information about Edible Alchemy, and to buy in, check out their website at ediblealchemyexchange.weebly.com.

Thanks for helping us start breaking out of the industrial food system, Dietrich!

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