#6, #55, #171, East, Central
Metra Electric to 55th St.
Free 15m parking in front
Bike rack in front
No boat access


  • The yellow line is total sales, the green line is number of customers, and red is average cents per customer.
  • Click and drag to zoom in on any time period (double-click to zoom back out).
  • Also, try clicking changing the number in the lower left to '7' or '28' for a smoother view.
  • Notice how much our sales drop each December?


Hiring a manager

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We are looking to hire a full-time manager for our small grocery store. You will work closely with our other managers and small clerk staff to keep the store running and looking beautiful. If …

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We're hiring a full-time floor manager for Open Produce, to start in late September / early October

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