plumbing redux

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We have been trying to get a mop sink, replacement toilet, and replacement sink for 4 weeks. On monday, they finally got installed. This pleases us greatly, but the whole effort cost us nearly $5000. We purchased

  • $1500 worth of architectural drawings from Charles Fill, required for a
  • $300 chicago buildings permit to allow
  • $2200 worth of labor from Bill’s Plumbing, who after much foot-dragging installed
  • ~$800 of parts, including the sinks themselves and various concomitant paraphernalia,

resulting in

mop sink a slightly misplaced mop sink,
bathroom sink a bathroom sink whose drain leaks ever so slightly,
toilet and a toilet I still don’t entirely trust, though I can’t say why.
big fucking hole in the wall Oh, and a big hole in the wall.

But I shouldn’t complain. We have our fixtures. Take that, health inspector.

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