Produce displays from around the world: Thessaloniki, Greece

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Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, is mostly an endless sea of four-story concrete balconies, with a beautiful view of the Agean. Its traditional English name is Salonica, after which the Hyde Park restaurant takes its name — the owner’s family is from that region of Greece, and we sell their olives and olive oil in Open Produce. (Delicious!)

I was there on election day, and as you might have heard Greece is in a contentious time politically, so there were riot police everywhere, outnumbered only by bars and cafes full of people watching the returns on television. But tucked away here and there are some produce stores.

Here’s one right next to the fish market (the smell of fish doesn’t come through with the photograph). There is actually a whole grocery store inside there.

greece 1

In contrast, this one doesn’t seem to have an inside at all. This picture at night near the train station, between two “erotik” shops:

greece 1

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