Help us finance an air conditioner through Lendsquare

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Summertime is here, and we are hoping to install a new, more powerful air conditioning system to keep our produce fresh throughout the season.

Instead of turning to a traditional financier like a bank, we’ve partnered with a new company, Lendsquare, to finance this purchase through the community. That means you. You can lend us any amount, starting at $1, and you can pick your own interest rate. We’ll pay you back over the next 24 months.

Lendsquare is a new Chicago-based company and we are excited to be one of their launch partners! We think that communities pooling small amounts of capital can make amazing things happen that wouldn’t be possible through traditional banks. Like Open Produce, or Graffiti Pizza up on 47th.

If this experience is a success, we will definitely look into using Lendsquare to finance some bigger projects down the line (Open Cafe, anyone?).

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We need a new air conditioner.

And we want you to pay for it

Summer is here and our precious fresh produce does not agree with the heat.

Improving our AC will translate to fresher produce and less waste. Also, lowering the temperature of the store can make our refrigerators run more efficiently, saving energy. Better produce for you, a a better bottom line for us, and a less wasteful store.

In order to buy and install the new air conditioning unit, we are looking to borrow $7,000. We want to install the air conditioning unit this summer. The sooner we install it the better!

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