Produce displays from around the world: Skopje, Macedonia

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My idea of fun is a 9-hour grueling maybe-I-could-walk-faster train ride through rural Serbia, with my head out the window watching small plots of land tended by local farmers and farmers tugging tethered goats around. No agro-industrial complex here! My train was even used to smuggle a box of 20 live chicks cross the border into Macedonia, with lots of hand-shaking and eye-averting on the part of the border guards.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much non-rolling time in Serbia, but I did get to visit Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Here are two shots of a cute produce store there:



I don’t know how you are even supposed to reach the oranges way in the back. We would love to have a glowing display like this at night, but Chicago city ordinances prohibit displaying merchandise on the sidewalk (we were nearly written a ticket even for that tiny 18-inch cart). Time to write your Alderman, I guess.

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