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EDIT 5/30: Thanks everyone, we’re done hiring for now. Check back in September, when we may be hiring again.

Hey everyone, we are looking to hire a new manager (Annie will be leaving in July!) and also at least one clerk, starting in June. The clerk position can be part or full time, but the manager position is full time. To apply to either, email info@openproduce.org with your resume and specify which position you would like to apply for (or both) — or drop your resume off in person. Here is a job description for the manager position:

Open Produce is looking to hire a full-time manager starting in June 2011, to
replace our current manager who is leaving us to go to business school. If
you’ve wanted to be part of and make a difference in a community institution,
work with food, meet 500 of your neighbors, or work at a place where your ideas
can become reality with no red tape, now is your chance.

We’re looking for someone who has experience and can stay at least a year, so
please read below for an idea of what the job is like. Resumes can be
submitted to info@openproduce.org (please specify that you are applying for the
manager position) or in person. If you are a full-time student, this is
probably not the job for you.

Job Responsibilities:

– You will have significant input and creative control over an awesome small store
– You will help determine the inventory mix, including finding new distributors and new products
– You will help in gathering data and making strategic (and tactical) business decisions
– You will have primary responsibility for day-to-day operations of the store
– You will work with and maintain relationships with distributors, transportation companies, maintenance contractors, etc.
– You will place inventory orders on a weekly schedule
– You will receive deliveries most days
– You will have some responsibility for managing clerks, including being involved in hiring/firing decisions
– Sometimes, you will perform clerk duties (stocking, working cash register, cleaning)
– You will handle daily financial paperwork, including making deposits and paying invoices

Applicants Requirements:

– You must have management experience and customer service experience in a retail or food service environment (or, if not, convince us that this is ok)
– You must be available 10am-5pm Mon-Fri (somewhat flexible) and occasional weekend and evening hours (approx. 40-45 hours per week)
– You must be able to lift a 40-lb. box, and you must be able to climb a ladder fearlessly
– You must know how to use a computer and a phone and a pen
– There is an expectation that you will stay at least 1 year, preferably at least 2.

You should apply if: (you can definitely still apply if these don’t describe you!)

– You live in Hyde Park or near-by
– You love of food, cooking, eating, food from other countries, good food, local food, weird food, or farming
– Sometimes, you want to work with your hands and don’t want to sit in front of a computer 40 hours a week
– Sometimes, you want to work with people and not work in a box by yourself for 40 hours a week
– Sometimes, you want to sit in a box by yourself with a computer for a few hours a week
– You have creative ideas about how to improve things, including tiny marginal improvements and big out-of-the-box thinking
– You can keep track of a dozens of things at once and can keep your energy up over a long day on your feet


– Negotiated salary and paid vacation
– Sorry, no health insurance or retirement contributions
– Lots of expired food and free samples

To apply:

Email your resume, with references, to info@openproduce.org or mail/deliver in
person to 1635 E. 55th St. Please specify that you are applying for the
manager position.

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