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rock candy swizzle stick0.75each
$1.99 - ALMONDS, WHOLE RAW 3.25OZ3.20 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES CRYSTALLIZED GINGER 7OZ7.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES DRIED CRANBERRIES 4.5OZ4.50 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES GUMMI WORMS 8.75OZ8.70 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES HAZELNUTS, RAW 3OZ3.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES PISTACHIOS, NAT 4OZ4.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES RAW PECANS 2OZ2.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 - ARGIRES SALTED PEPITAS 5.5OZ5.50 oz1.99each
$1.99 - TROPICAL MIX 8OZ8.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 - WALNUT MEATS 4.5OZ1.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 CASHEW ROASTED 3 OZ3.00 oz1.99each
$1.99 CASHEW SALTED 3 OZ3.00 oz1.99each
1st national bagels - plain2.60each
Abba-zaba 5.40 oz2.75each
Abba-zaba EACH0.25each
Abc gluten free & vegan cookie4.25 oz2.00each
Abc vegan cookie4.25 oz2.25each
Acorn squash1.50each
Adonia greek frozen yogurt pint1.00 pt5.25each
Advil single dose0.50each
After eight dark chocolate thin mints7.05 oz5.00each
Agostino recca capers in salt2.20 oz3.90each
Ak mak crackers 4.15 oz3.00each
Alafia grape leaves16.00 oz4.25each
Alessi balsamic vinegar 12.75 oz5.45each
Alessi black peppercorn grinder1.34 oz2.75each
Alessi eggplant appetizer sicilian caponata10.50 oz5.00each
Alessi italian red wine vinegar3.00each
Alessi italian white wine vinegar12.50 fl oz3.00each
Alessi pignoli pine nuts1.75 oz6.00each
Alex Lucas Pear - organic1.00 lbs2.25each
Almond breeze - chocolate1.00 qt4.00each
Almond breeze - original32.00 fl oz4.00each
Almond breeze - vanilla32.00 oz4.00each
Alpha's morning sun cheese (ENTER WEIGHT)1.00 lbs14.50lbs
Alter eco dark chocolate blackout2.82 oz4.75each
Alter eco dark chocolate quinoa crunch3.50 oz4.75each
Alvita nettle leaf tea 7.50each
Alvita tea - organic red raspberry9.25each
Ambrosia apples 1.00 lbs1.50lbs
American garlic0.50each
Amish country popcorn32.00 oz4.00each
Amore sun dried tomato paste4.50 oz6.25each
Amy's black bean vegetable soup14.50 oz4.25each
Amy's bowls pesto tortellini5.50 oz6.00each
Amy's burrito bean and rice (non-dairy)6.00 oz3.50each
Amy's burrito southwestern5.50 oz3.50each
Amy's cream of mushroom soup14.10 oz4.25each
Amy's medium chili with vegetables14.70 oz4.25each
Amy's minestrone soup14.20 oz4.25each
Amy's split pea soup14.00 oz4.00each
Amy's vegetable barley soup14.00 oz4.25each
Anarkali basmati rice10.00 lbs11.00each
Anarkali frozen vegetable samosa5.00each
Ancho chili peppers1.00 lbs5.00lbs
Ancient harvest traditional quinoa12.00 oz8.55each
Angostura aromatic bitters4.00 fl oz9.55each
Anijsblokjes (single box)1.30each
Anna's almond thins5.25 oz2.75each
Anna's ginger thins5.25 oz2.75each
Annie's cheddar bunnies INDV snack pack1.00 oz1.00each
Annie's cheddar bunnies snack packs6.00each
Annie's cheddar bunny crackers7.50 oz4.90each
Annie's chocolate bunny grahams7.50 oz5.00each
Annie's homegrown macaroni and cheese classic2.50 oz3.00each
Annie's homegrown microwaveable mac & cheese7.10each
Annie's homegrown shells and white cheddar6.00 oz3.00each
Annie's honey bunny grahams7.50 oz5.25each
Annie's org bunny fruit snacks INDV0.80 oz1.10each
Annie's organic berry patch fruit snacks4.00 oz5.80each
Apple cider64.00 fl oz3.50each
Apple pears, asian pears1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Applegate farms organic turkey breast deli cuts6.00 oz8.25each
Apples - jonagold, organic2.50each
Apricots1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Apricots - local1.00 lbs4.00lbs
Argires peanuts spanish roasted10.00 oz1.99each
Argires sliced or slivered almonds1.99each
Argires yogurt covered raisins3.00 oz1.99each
Argo corn starch16.00 oz2.60each
Arize kombucha 500.00 mL7.00each
Arm & hammer baking soda1.00 lbs1.50each
Aroy-d young green jackfruit in brine20.00 oz2.00each
Artisana organic coconut butter16.00 oz13.25each
Arvum muscat sherry vinegar8.50 fl oz11.85each
Arvum pedro ximenez sherry vinegar8.50 fl oz11.85each
Asiko ripe plantain exotic crisps75.00 g1.00each
Aunt Mid's Spinach2.50each
Aviateur 6 almond rounds9.80 oz3.50each
Aviateur 6 apple rounds9.80 oz3.50each
Aviateur bokkepootjes150.00 g3.00each
Aviateur kletskoppen brandy peanut snaps175.00 g3.00each
Avocado - GIANT1.50each
Baby bok choy1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Baby carrots12.00 oz1.50each
Baby eggplant1.00each
Bag clementines / cuties / mandarins3.00 lbs6.00each
Bag salad mix - local4.00lbs
Bahlsen choco leibniz4.40 oz3.75each
Bahlsen hit cookie150.00 g2.00each
Baleine coarse sea salt1.00 lbs4.65each
Ball mason jar 12 oz pint16.00 oz1.30each
Ball mason jar 24 oz quart32.00 oz2.10each
Ballymaloe mint jelly7.80 oz5.00each
Bananas - conventional0.25each
Bananas - organic0.40each
Banh trang spring rolls skin12.00 oz3.50each
Barilla elbows2.00each
Barilla penne1.00 lbs2.00each
Barilla rotini - gluten free12.00 oz3.00each
Barilla spaghetti1.00 lbs2.00each
Barilla tri-color rotini12.00 oz2.00each
Barney butter roasted almond butter crunchy10.00 oz11.00each
Barney butter roasted almond butter smooth10.00 oz11.00each
Baronie mint dark chocolate sticks75.00 g2.50each
Bartlett pears - organic1.00 lbs2.25lbs
Basket lima beans - local4.00lbs
Beefsteak tomato1.75lbs
Beets1.00 lbs1.00lbs
Bekana greens - local, organic4.00each
Bel gioioso fresh mozzarella ball8.00 oz3.75each
Bel gioioso parmesan cheese8.00 oz5.00each
Belgian endives2.50lbs
Bell sweet peppers - local1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Belvoir elderflower lemonade750.00 mL7.25each
Ben & jerry's pint 1.00 pt5.00each
Berghoff root beer12.00 fl oz1.75each
Better than bouillon org beef base8.00 oz7.50each
Better than bouillon org vegetable base8.00 oz7.50each
Better than bouillon organic chicken base7.50each
Betty's baked goods banana bread2.75each
Betty's baked goods best chocolate chip cookies2.75each
Betty's baked goods chewy peanut butter treat2.25each
Betty's baked goods granola LARGE6.00each
Betty's baked goods granola to go1.75each
Betty's baked goods heath bar blondie2.25each
Betty's baked goods magic bars2.25each
Betty's baked goods peanut butter cookies2.75each
Betty's baked goods pecan bar2.25each
Betty's baked goods quadruple chocolate brownies2.25each
Betty's baked goods raisin pecan oatmeal cookies2.75each
Beurrage pilsen sourdough, six grain7.00each
Bing cherries (red)1.00 lbs4.25lbs
Bionaturae organic gluten free fusilli12.00 oz5.20each
Bionaturae organic whole wheat spaghetti16.00 oz3.60each
Biscoff cookie spread400.00 g6.15each
Bitter melon1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Black grapes2.00lbs
Black jewell popcorn28.35 oz8.00each
Blackberries6.00 oz3.00each
Blood oranges1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Blueberries1.00 pt4.50each
Blueberries4.00 oz3.00each
Boat street pickled raisins9.00 oz7.85each
Bob's red mill 10 grain hot cereal25.00 oz3.85each
Bob's red mill 10 grain pancake & waffle mix26.00 oz5.15each
Bob's red mill almond meal16.00 oz14.75each
Bob's red mill apple blueberry granola12.00 oz4.75each
Bob's red mill apple strawberry granola12.00 oz4.75each
Bob's red mill brown rice farina creamy rice hot cereal26.00 oz5.40each
Bob's red mill extra thick rolled oats whole grain16.00 oz3.25each
Bob's red mill GF all purpose flour44.00 oz9.75each
Bob's red mill GF muesli1.00 lbs7.75each
Bob's red mill GF rolled oats 32.00 oz8.75each
Bob's red mill golden flaxseed meal16.00 oz4.85each
Bob's red mill high fiber coconut flour16.00 oz8.25each
Bob's red mill high protein tvp10.00 oz3.75each
Bob's red mill hullless barley26.00 oz4.00each
Bob's red mill masa harina 24.00 oz4.25each
Bob's red mill old country style muesli18.00 oz5.45each
Bob's red mill quick rolled oats16.00 oz3.25each
Bob's red mill semolina flour24.00 oz4.10each
Bob's red mill spelt flour24.00 oz4.25each
Bob's red mill teff flour24.00 oz8.75each
Bob's red mill wheat germ16.00 oz3.35each
Bob's red mill white rice flour - gluten free24.00 oz4.10each
Bob's red mill whole chia seed16.00 oz10.30each
Bold vegan gf pizza337.00 g12.00each
Bonne maman apricot preserves13.00 oz5.70each
Bonne maman blackberry preserves13.00 oz5.70each
Bonne maman fig preserves13.00 oz5.70each
Bonne maman orange marmalade13.00 oz5.70each
Bonne maman strawberry preserves13.00 oz5.70each
Bonne maman wild blueberry preserves13.00 oz5.70each
Bonomelli chamomile flowers0.70 oz2.85each
Bonvallis pan de datil250.00 g5.75each
Bonvallis pan de higo fig and almond cake250.00 g5.75each
Boston baked beans0.75 oz0.25each
Botan rice candy1.00each
Botan white rice20.00 lbs24.00each
Bow truss coffee 12.00 oz16.00each
Bow truss cold brew coffee12.00 oz3.75each
Braeburn apple1.75lbs
Bragg liquid aminos10.00 oz6.00each
Bragg organic apple cider vinegar16.00 oz5.00each
Breslin farms black turtle beans2.00 lbs4.65each
Breslin farms whole grain wheat (wheat berries)1.00 lbs2.30each
Breslin farms whole wheat flour2.00 lbs5.40each
Breyer's ice cream pint1.00 pt2.75each
Brianna's blush wine vinaigrette dressing12.00 fl oz4.50each
Brianna's ranch dressing12.00 fl oz4.50each
Briannas champagne caper vinaigrette4.50each
Briannas home style caesar dressing12.00 fl oz4.50each
Briannas home style rich poppy seed dressing'12.00 fl oz4.50each
Bridgeport cofee bubbly creek soda12.00 fl oz2.25each
Bridgeport coffee 12.00 oz12.00each
Broccoli1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Brown turkey fresh figs0.33each
Browns best dried black beans1.50each
Browns best lentils1.00 lbs1.50each
Browns best red kidney beans16.00 oz1.50each
Browns best split green peas1.00 lbs1.55each
Bruce cost fresh ginger ale jasmine green tea12.00 oz2.25each
Bruce cost ginger ale - original12.00 fl oz2.25each
Bruce cost ginger ale - passion fruit12.00 fl oz2.25each
Bruce cost ginger beer - pomegranate12.00 oz2.25each
Brussel sprouts2.00lbs
Brussel sprouts - local1.00 lbs6.00each
Brussels sprouts on stalk6.75each
Bulk calculator1.35each
Bulk order1.00each
Bunch carrots - local, organic3.00each
Bunch garlic scapes - local1.50lbs
Bunch hakurai turnip - local, organic3.50each
Bunch mint1.00each
Bunch oregano0.75each
Bunch rosemary1.00each
Bunch tarragon - local1.00each
Buon giorno italia marinara sauce24.00 oz4.50each
Burnett dairy mozzarella (ENTER WEIGHT)1.00 lbs9.00each
Bush white hominy 15.50 oz1.50each
Bustelo cool8.00 oz2.75each
Bustelo instant3.50 oz5.90each
Butterball potato - local3.75each
Butternut squash1.50each
Butternut squash - organic1.00 lbs2.50each
Butternut squash local2.00lbs
By the case1.00each
C & H granulated sugar4.00 lbs4.10each
C howard scented gum1.00each
C howards guava candy0.90each
C howards violet mints0.90each
Cabot sour cream8.00 oz3.00each
Cafe bustelo espresso 10 oz can5.50each
Cafe bustelo espresso coffee brick10.00 oz5.50each
Cafe chicago coffee16.00 oz12.50each
Calbee saya snow pea crisps 6.00 oz3.00each
Calbee saya snow pea crisps2.47 oz1.75each
Calbee shrimp chips 1.00 oz1.00each
Calbee Shrimp Chips4.00 oz2.00each
Calmex sardines in tomato sauce15.00 oz3.00each
Calpico original flavor11.30 fl oz2.00each
Calville Blanc apples1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Cameo apple1.50lbs
Cameo apples - local1.00 lbs2.00each
Campbell's chicken noodle soup10.75 oz2.00each
Campbell's cream of broccoli soup10.50 oz2.50each
Campbell's cream of mushroom soup10.00 oz1.55each
Campbell's tomato soup10.00 oz2.00each
Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup1.55each
Cantaloupe - local3.50each
Cantuccini almond tuscan specialties 300.00 g4.90each
Capperino hot peppers - organic1.00 lbs3.50each
Cara cara orange1.00 lbs1.75each
Cara cara orange - organic1.00 lbs3.25lbs
Carmen pepper - local, organic1.00each
Carnation evaporated milk12.00 oz2.00each
Carnation sweetened condensed milk12.00 fl oz3.75each
Carr's entertainment cracker collection200.00 g6.00each
Carr's ginger lemon creme cookies7.05 oz4.40each
Carr's table water crackers120.00 g4.25each
Carving pumpkin (large)1.00 lbs4.50lbs
Cbr natural meats ground bison1.00 lbs14.50each
Cedars baba ghanoush3.00each
Cedars dolma 3.75each
Cedars feta shell pasta4.50each
Cedars hummus8.00 oz3.00each
Cedars lentil soup3.25each
Cedars rice pudding 3.00each
Cedars spinach salad 5.00each
Cedars tabouleh3.75each
Celery hearts2.00each
Celery root / celeriac1.50lbs
Celestial seasonings chamomile tea4.25each
Celestial seasonings peppermint tea1.10 oz4.00each
Cento bread crumbs15.00 oz2.00each
Cento clam sauce15.00 oz1.50each
Cento crushed tomatoes28.00 oz2.00each
Cento extra virgin olive oil500.00 mL7.20each
Cento extra virgin olive oil3.00 L28.00each
Cento flat fillet anchovies2.00 oz1.85each
Cento peeled tomatoes28.00 oz2.00each
Cento petite diced tomatoes28.00 oz2.00each
Cento quartered & marinated artichoke hearts6.00 oz2.05each
Cento sliced sweet pimentos4.00 oz2.05each
Cento tomato sauce15.00 oz1.50each
Central pickling garlic dill pickles32.00 oz10.00each
Centrella canola oil48.00 fl oz4.75each
Ceres juice medley of fruit 1.00 L5.25each
Ceres litchi fruit juice33.80 fl oz5.25each
Ceres passion fruit juice33.80 fl oz5.25each
Chaokoh coconut milk13.50 fl oz2.00each
Chaokoh rambutan stuffed with pineapple in syrup20.00 oz3.00each
Chapaghetti 4.50 oz1.50each
Chard - local2.50each
Cheerios14.00 oz4.75each
Cherry blossoms - local0.25each
Cherry tomatoes - organic1.00 pt3.75each
Chestnuts1.00 lbs7.50lbs
Chicago botanic garden apple sauce16.00 oz8.00each
Chicago flats - garlic sesame8.00 oz3.10each
Chicago flats - original8.00 oz3.10each
Chicago flats - rye8.00 oz3.10each
Chicago flats - sea salt8.00 oz3.10each
Chicago soydairy dandies air puffed marshmallows original vanilla10.00 oz6.00each
Chicken of the sea tuna in water5.00 oz1.75each
Chin chin grass jelly drink honey flavor11.00 fl oz1.00each
Chinkiang vinegar550.00 mL2.60each
Chiogga beets - local1.00 lbs2.75each
Chocolate swiss ice cream chocolate1.00 qt6.00each
Cholula chipotle hot sauce5.00 oz3.75each
Cholula original hot sauce5.00 oz3.75each
Chupa chup lollipop0.25each
Chupa chups cremosa bouqet 1.75each
Ciao bella alba hazelknut dark chocolate gelato squares5.00each
Ciao bella blood orange bars5.25each
Ciao bella blood orange bars single2.25each
Ciao bella chocolate alba hazelnut gelato3.50 oz2.00each
Ciao bella key lime graham gelato squares16.00 fl oz5.00each
Ciao bella pint1.00 pt5.00each
Ciao bella SINGLE key lime graham gelato square1.50each
Ciao bella SINGLE s'mores gelato square4.00 oz1.50each
Claeys old fashioned hard candies anise6.00 oz2.50each
Claeys old fashioned hard candies horehound6.00 oz2.50each
Claeys old fashioned hard candies lemon drops6.00 oz2.50each
Claeys old fashioned hard candies sassafras6.00 oz2.50each
Clemente jacques chipotle pepper7.00 oz1.50each
Clementines / mandarins / cuties1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Clif bar banana nut bread2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar chocolate brownie2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar chocolate chip2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar cool mint chocolate2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar crunch peanut butter1.50 oz1.00each
Clif bar crunchy peanut butter2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar oatmeal raisin walnut2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar peanut toffee buzz2.40 oz1.75each
Clif bar white chocolate macadamia nut1.75each
Clif builder's bar chocolate2.40 oz2.25each
Clif builder's bar chocolate mint2.25each
Clif builder's bar chocolate peanut butter2.40 oz2.25each
Clif builder's bar cookies 'n cream2.40 oz2.25each
Clif builder's bar vanilla almond2.40 oz2.25each
Club mate500.00 mL4.75each
Cobra corn 2.20 oz2.00each
Cobra corn himalayan sea salt2.20 oz2.00each
Cocina selecta artichoke spread7.50 oz4.00each
Cocina selecta spanish marcona almonds5.25 oz6.25each
Coconut bliss bar SINGLE 2.00each
Coconut bliss bars 7.25each
Coconut pocky1.65 oz3.00each
Coffee candy0.25each
Colavita organic balsamic vinegar500.00 mL7.20each
Collard greens1.50each
Colman's mustard2.00 oz4.25each
Columbus premium genoa salame4.00 oz5.50each
Concord foods lemon/lime squeezer4.50 fl oz1.25each
Cook's bison ranch buffalo burger patties6.95each
Cool fruits fruit juice freezers5.00each
Coop hot sauce - chiracha5.00 fl oz4.65each
Coop hot sauce - rum barrel5.00 fl oz4.65each
Coop hot sauce jalapeno5.00 fl oz4.65each
Corn on the cob0.50each
Cranberries12.00 oz1.75each
Cranberries in mesh bags12.00 oz1.50each
Crimini mushrooms - conventional1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Crimini mushrooms - local3.00lbs
Crio bru coca river9.00 oz8.75each
Cripps pink lady apple1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Crisco pure vegetable oil48.00 oz5.50each
Crisco vegetable shortening16.00 oz4.10each
Crumb bread7.00each
Currants - red3.00each
Curry leaves1.75each
Cut age shredded fried tofu6.00 oz3.50each
Cut watermelon2.50each
D'oro extra virgin olive oil and garlic250.00 mL18.00each
D'oro extra virgin olive oil and lemon250.00 mL18.00each
Dagoba dark chocolate lavender blueberry2.00 oz3.50each
Daifuku red bean cake pink aka3.80 oz2.00each
Daifuku shirogoma sesame3.88 oz2.00each
Daifuku yomogi green2.00each
Daisy sour cream16.00 oz4.00each
Daiya cheddar shreds8.00 oz6.50each
Daiya mozzarella shreds8.00 oz6.50each
Dana labna16.00 oz2.90each
Dark matter coffee - blend12.00 oz14.00each
Day old la farine almond croissant2.25each
Day old la farine ciabatta - half loaf1.50each
Day old la farine ciabattini1.50each
Day old la farine croissant1.87each
Day old la farine demi baguette1.13each
Day old la farine focaccia rosemary2.62each
Day old medici apple turnover2.25each
Day old medici asiago cheese demi baguette1.88each
Day old medici bun0.75each
Day old medici chocolate croissant2.25each
Day old medici ciabatta bread3.19each
Day old medici cinnamon raisin bread3.75each
Day old medici cinnamon roll2.25each
Day old medici feta and spinach croissant3.19each
Day old medici muffin2.06each
Day old medici multi grain boule bread3.75each
Day old medici multi grain demi baguette1.30each
Day old medici olive ciabatta3.75each
Day old medici white sandwich bread3.75each
De cecco conchiglie rigate shells16.00 oz3.50each
De cecco fettuccini16.00 oz2.80each
De cecco linguine16.00 oz2.80each
De cecco penne rigate2.85each
De cecco spinach spaghetti16.00 oz3.40each
De jong bros. spinach garden fresh10.00 oz2.50each
De la estancia organic polenta1.00 lbs5.35each
De la rosa - chocolate covered0.50each
De la rosa candy0.25each
De la rosa cocktail peanuts1.50 oz0.50each
De la rosa marzipan box6.00each
Decorative mini pumpkins gourds 1.00 lbs1.00each
Dequmana arbequina olives7.00 oz6.80each
Dequmana gordal olives7.00 oz6.80each
Desert harvest pitted dates 10.00 oz3.00each
Desert pepper black bean dip spicy16.00 oz5.65each
Desert pepper corn black bean roasted red pepper salsa medium16.00 oz5.65each
Desert pepper green salsa del rio medium16.00 oz5.65each
Desert pepper peach mango salsa16.00 oz5.50each
Desert pepper salsa diablo hot16.00 oz5.65each
Desert pepper salsa divino mild16.00 oz5.65each
Discount (ENTER AMOUNT)-1.00each
Divine 70 percent dark chocolate1.50 oz2.25each
Divine fruit and nut dark chocolate bar3.50 oz4.50each
Divine milk chocolate1.50 oz2.25each
Dodd's sugar shack grade b maple syrup1.00 qt24.00each
Dolce mini oblea0.20each
Dole pineapple slices in juice20.00 oz2.60each
Domino confectioners sugar1.00 lbs1.75each
Domino confectioners sugar2.00 lbs3.00each
Domino dark brown sugar1.00 lbs2.50each
Domino dark brown sugar2.00 lbs3.00each
Domino light brown sugar2.00 lbs3.00each
Domino light brown sugar1.00 lbs1.75each
Domino sugar pure cane granulated sugar1.50each
Dominos granulated sugar4.00 lbs4.00each
Dona maria mole8.25 oz3.50each
Dona maria nopalitos tender cactus15.00 oz2.25each
Dongwon yangban iwa nori - eight pack2.50each
Dongwon yangban iwa nori - seasoned roasted seaweed INDIVIDUAL3.30 g0.50each
Dove almond milk chocolate ice cream bar2.75each
Dr. bronner's coconut oil organic fair trade14.00 fl oz15.50each
Dr. bronner's magic org lip balm0.15 oz3.25each
Dr. bronner's magic soap - peppermint16.00 oz10.25each
Dr. bronner's magic soap liq almond8.00 oz7.00each
Dr. bronner's magic soap liq baby mild8.00 oz7.00each
Dr. bronner's magic soap liq lavender8.00 oz7.00each
Dr. bronner's magic soap liq peppermint8.00 oz7.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - almond5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - baby mild5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - citrus orange5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - lavender5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - peppermint5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - rose5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. bronner's org bar soap - tea tree5.00 oz5.00each
Dr. praeger's california veggie burgers11.00 oz6.00each
Dragon fruit6.00each
Dried anaheim pepper - local, organic1.00each
Dried butterfly pea3.75each
Dried cayenne pepper - local, organic0.20each
Dried chiles del arbol4.00 oz0.10each
Dried chilis - guajillo4.00 oz2.00each
Dried ghost peppers - local, organic0.20each
Dried habanero chili - local, organic0.10each
Dried jalapeno - local, organic0.40each
Dried kalamata crown figs14.00 oz3.75each
Dried serrano chili - local, organic0.10each
Dried thai pepper - local, organic0.10each
Dulces vero elotes0.25each
Duncan hines brownies chewy fudge18.30 oz3.65each
Durian candy0.25each
Dutch almond filled butter cake6.25each
Dutch bakery small iced marzipan cakes3.75each
Dutch caramel twists200.00 g4.00each
Dutch licorice - coins3.50 oz2.50each
Dutch licorice - double salted3.50 oz2.50each
Dutch licorice - nostalgia3.50 oz2.50each
Dutch licorice buttons3.50 oz2.50each
Dutch licorice cats3.50 oz2.50each
Dynasty jasmine rice white2.00 lbs3.25each
Dynasty saifun bean threads150.00 g2.50each
Dynasty shiitake dried black mushroom1.00 oz3.10each
Dynasty sliced bamboo shoots1.50each
Dynasty sliced water chestnuts8.00 oz1.50each
Dynasty tempura batter mix8.00 oz3.75each
Earth balance organic whipped buttery spread15.00 oz6.50each
Earth first apple butter 8.50 oz5.00each
Earth friendly ultra dishmate25.00 fl oz4.60each
Earthbound farm organic box5.00 oz3.50each
Earthbound farm organic fresh herb salad5.00 oz3.50each
Earthbound farm organic mixed baby greens5.00 oz4.50each
Earthbound farms baby romaine5.00 oz4.50each
East wind organic tahini roasted no salt16.00 oz11.00each
Eden foods, udon8.80 oz5.00each
Eden kombu sea vegetable hand harvested wild59.40 g12.00each
Eden organic apple sauce25.00 oz6.50each
Eden organic black beans15.00 oz3.30each
Eden organic cannellini beans15.00 oz3.30each
Eden organic garbanzo beans15.00 oz3.30each
Eden organic navy beans15.00 oz3.30each
Eden organic pinto beans15.00 oz3.30each
Eden organic sauerkraut32.00 oz6.80each
Edensoy organic unsweetened soymilk32.00 fl oz4.35each
Eggplant - local1.00 lbs1.00lbs
Eichten's cheddar cheese curds8.00 oz5.00each
El milagro corn tortillas10.00 oz0.50each
El milagro flour tortillas12.00 oz1.50each
El milagro tortilla (3)1.25each
El milagro tortilla chips salted16.00 oz3.50each
El milagro whole wheat tortillas1.50each
El yucatero achiote paste3.50 oz1.75each
Embasa chipotle peppers in adobo sauce7.00 oz2.50each
Emergen c acai berry drink mix0.30 oz0.50each
Emergen c super orange0.30 oz0.50each
Emergen c tropical0.20 oz0.50each
English cucumber - organic4.50each
Equal exchange chocolate caramel crunch with sea salt3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange chocolate espresso bean3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange dark chocolate almond100.00 g4.00each
Equal exchange dark chocolate ecuador3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange lemon ginger chocolate3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange milk chocolate hazelnut3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange mint chocolate3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange orange dark chocolate3.50 oz4.00each
Equal exchange organic chai4.65each
Equal exchange organic dried mango5.00 oz6.00each
Equal exchange organic extra virgin olive oil500.00 mL18.00count
Equal exchange organic green tea4.65each
Equal exchange organic hot cocoa12.00 oz7.75each
Equal exchange panama extra dark chocolate3.50 oz4.00each
Esch road hot peach salsa14.00 oz7.00each
Evol cilantro lime chicken burrito3.00each
Fabulous flats original tandoori naan8.80 oz3.10each
Farmer's prepared horseradish3.50each
Fever tree bitterlemon6.80 oz1.75each
Fever tree indian tonic water6.80 oz1.75each
Fever tree indian tonic water big16.90 fl oz3.50each
Fig newmans wheat free dairy free10.00 oz6.00each
Flamous organic falafel chips - original8.00 oz6.00each
Flamous organic falafel chips - spicy8.00 oz6.00each
Foco coconut juice17.60 fl oz1.75each
Foco guava drink11.80 fl oz1.25each
Foco pomegranate juice drink11.80 oz1.25count
Foco roasted coconut juice11.80 oz1.25each
Follow your heart vegenaise 16.00 fl oz6.75each
Food for life ezekiel sprouted whole grain cereal original 16.00 oz7.50each
Food for life ezekiel sprouted whole grain sandwich bread24.00 oz7.50each
Food merchants polenta18.00 oz4.10each
Food should taste good olive chips5.50 oz3.75each
Foodism larry's mom's raspberry bar3.00each
Foodism spicy chocolate bar3.00each
Fortune cookie0.25each
Freeze pops0.25each
Fresh dates0.25each
Fresh figs - black3.50each
Fresh flowers1.00each
Fresh horseradish3.00each
Fresh pita bread2.00each
Frozen mango bar1.25each
Fruit stripe chewing gum1.25each
Fruitfull bar4.00 fl oz1.50each
Fuji apples - organic1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Full cream baby swiss - steiner cheese (ENTER WEIGHT)8.00 oz13.50lbs
Furikake - nori fumi1.70 oz3.75each
Gala apple1.50lbs
Gala apples - organic1.00 lbs2.75lbs
Galia melon - organic7.00each
Garlic - local0.75each
Gentle breeze beeswax taper candles10.00each
Gentle breeze honey stick0.33each
Gentle breeze honey stick pack3.50each
Gentle breeze pure beeswax 3x3 pillar candle12.00each
Gentle breeze pure beeswax 3x3.5 hexagon pillar14.00each
Gentle breeze pure beeswax 3x4 pillar candle16.00each
Gentle breeze pure beeswax 3x6 hexaon pillar20.00each
Ghirardelli chocolate premium baking bar 100% cacao unsweeted chocolate4.00 oz4.10each
Ghirardelli chocolate premium baking chips semi-sweet chocolate12.00 oz6.00each
Ghirardelli premium hot chocolate double chocolate10.50 oz6.80each
Ghirardelli unsweetened baking cocoa10.00 oz6.75each
Gia russa potato gnocchi16.00 oz4.00each
Gia russa whole wheat sweet potato gnocchi16.00 oz4.00each
Gille double chocolate crisps125.00 g3.75each
Gina mango nectar - small8.00 oz1.00each
Ginbis dream animals - coconut1.31 oz1.50each
Ginbis dream animals biscuits - seaweed1.31 oz1.50each
Ginger candy (bag)3.00each
Ginger candy (piece)0.25each
Glee gum peppermint1.35each
Glico coconut pocky chocolate1.65 oz3.00each
Globe grapes - seeded1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Goat cheese log11.00 oz7.00each
Golden curry cubes - medium hot100.00 g3.50each
Golden curry rte sauce with vegetables - med hot230.00 oz3.50each
Golden guernsey dairy 100% pure orange juice1.89 L3.50each
Golden rabbit candy (bag)6.30 oz2.50each
Golden tunisian deglet noor dates10.00 oz3.75each
Goody good stuff vegetarian gummies3.50 oz2.75each
Granny smith apples1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Grapes - green scuppernong2.75lbs
Grapes - red muscadine1.00 lbs2.75lbs
Grass point butter1.00 lbs8.50each
Grassland, cabot butter salted / unsalted1.00 lbs3.75each
Grassland, cabot, land o lakes butter - 1 stick1.25each
Greco chopped garlic in water8.00 oz2.50each
Greco grated parmesan 8.00 oz3.75each
Greek gods fig yogurt6.00 oz1.85each
Greek gods greek yogurt honey lg24.00 oz5.85each
Greek gods honey greek yogurt6.00 oz1.85each
Greek gods nonfat plain greek yogurt6.00 oz1.85each
Greek gods plain greek yogurt 24.00 oz5.85each
Green asparagus - local1.00 lbs4.75each
Green beans1.00 lbs2.25lbs
Green bell peppers0.75each
Green cabbage1.00 lbs1.50each
Green giant baby cut carrots1.50each
Green grapes1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Green mountain gringo roasted chile pepper salsa16.00 oz6.50each
Green mountain gringo salsa hot16.00 oz6.50each
Green onions0.75each
Green onions - local2.00each
Green zebra tomatoes1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Grey squash gray squash1.00 lbs0.50lbs
Griottines originale cherries in liqueur11.80 fl oz15.00each
Grown right organic jellied cranberry sauce14.00 oz2.75each
Gt's kombucha gingerade480.00 mL4.35each
Gt's kombucha synergy trilogy16.00 oz4.35each
Guacamole 16.00 oz6.00each
Guava1.00 lbs2.50each
Guayaki organic yerba mate pure empower mint tea16.00 oz3.00each
Guayaki yerba mate organic16.00 oz18.00each
Habanero pepper0.10each
Hafco caramel mounties dutch licorice3.50 oz2.50each
Hafco english licorice3.50 oz2.50each
Hafco licorice toffees5.00 oz2.50each
Hakurei turnips - local0.50each
Halls cherry cough drops1.25each
Halls honey lemon cough drops1.25each
Hanson canton dry noodles4.00 lbs6.20each
Happy hips natural dog food13.20 oz3.00each
Haribo fizzy cola candy5.00 oz2.00each
Haribo ginger lemon candy candy4.00 oz2.00each
Haribo gold gummy bears5.00 oz2.00each
Haribo raspberries gummy candy5.00 oz2.00each
Haribo roulette candy0.50each
Harney & sons organic lemonade16.00 fl oz2.25each
Harney & sons organic lemonade and tea16.00 fl oz2.25each
Havisti black rice2.00 lbs5.00each
Hazel farms tomato rhapsody3.00each
Heartland granola cereal original16.00 oz4.65each
Heinz apple cider vinegar16.00 oz2.00each
Heinz ketchup - big20.00 oz3.50each
Heinz tomato ketchup14.00 oz3.00each
Heinz white vinegar16.00 oz1.85each
Heirloom tomato - conventional1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Hellema dutch windmill cookies400.00 g3.60each
Herdez salsa (hot)3.25each
Herdez salsa (mild)16.00 oz3.25each
Herdez salsa taquera16.00 oz3.75each
Herdez salsa verde16.00 oz3.25each
Hershey's baking cocoa8.00 oz4.85each
Hershey's chocolate syrup24.00 oz3.60each
Himalania himalayan fine pink salt6.00 oz5.50each
Hodgson mill vital wheat gluten with vitamin c6.50 oz3.10each
Hodgson mills active dry yeast0.60each
Home run inn cheese pizza9.50each
Home run inn margherita with sausage pizza9.50each
Home run inn personal pizza - cheese7.50 oz4.50each
Home run inn personal pizza - pepperoni8.75 oz4.50each
Honest tea moroccan mint 16.00 fl oz2.00each
Honest tea peach oolalong16.00 fl oz2.00each
Honey nut cheerios21.60 oz4.75each
Honeycrisp apples1.00 lbs2.75lbs
Honeycrisp apples - local1.00 lbs2.75lbs
Honeydew melon 3.00each
Honeydew melon - organic4.00each
Huy fong chili garlic paste8.00 oz2.50each
Huy fong foods small sambal chili paste8.00 oz2.50each
Hyde park wildlife calendar16.46each
Ibarra19.00 oz4.40each
Ice mountain drinking water / niagara 500.00 mL1.00each
Ice mountain water jug1.00 g2.50each
Ice mountain z pet3.00 L2.50each
Iceberg lettuce1.50each
Ichiban tofu firm19.00 oz1.75each
Ichiban tofu soft19.00 oz1.75each
If you care #2 filters4.20each
If you care #4 filters4.25each
Il riso beretta superfino arborio risoto16.00 oz3.35each
Iliada green stuffed almond olives370.00 g5.25each
Inca kola12.00 oz1.00each
Indo mie mi goreng rendang2.82 oz0.50each
Indo mie soto mie flavour ramen2.65 oz0.50each
Ines rosales rosemary & thyme savory olive oil tortas180.00 g6.00each
Intra jahe wangi instant ginger tea450.00 g5.00each
Italian prune plums - local1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Izze sparkling clementine12.00 fl oz2.00each
Izze sparkling grapefruit12.00 fl oz2.00each
Izze sparkling peach12.00 fl oz1.75each
Izze sparkling pomegranate12.00 fl oz1.75each
J&d's bacon salt2.00 oz4.50each
Jake's country meats bbq flavor pork sticks8.00 oz7.50each
Jake's country meats honey ham pork sticks8.00 oz7.50each
Jake's country meats italian sausage8.25each
Jake's country meats jalapeno pork sticks8.00 oz7.50each
Jake's country meats lake superior rainbow smelt1.00 lbs13.50each
Jake's country meats lake trout (ENTER WEIGHT)0.01 lbs10.00lbs
Jake's country meats pork breakfast sausage1.00 lbs6.75each
Jake's country meats pork breakfast sausage links8.25each
Jake's country meats pork chops9.00each
Jake's country meats uncured hickory smoke bacon7.85each
Jake's country meats whitefish (ENTER WEIGHT)1.00 lbs11.00lbs
Jake's hot dogs8.00each
Jake's wild salmon1.00 lbs12.50lbs
Jamaica tease dried hibiscus flowers2.80 oz7.75each
Jamaica tease hibiscus brewed tea12.00 fl oz2.75each
Jazz apples1.00 lbs2.25lbs
Jet puff marshmallows16.00 oz2.50each
Jewel sweet potatoes organic1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Jicama1.00 lbs1.00each
Jiffy corn muffin mix8.50 oz1.00each
Jonathan apple - local, organic1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Jules destrooper - almond florentines3.52 oz4.75each
Jules destrooper - amelia 4.94 oz3.85each
Jules destrooper almond thins3.52 oz4.75each
Jules destrooper chocolate thins3.52 oz4.75each
Jumex apricot nectar11.30 fl oz1.00each
Jumex Guava Nectar11.30 fl oz1.00each
Jumex peach nectar11.30 fl oz1.00each
Ka me rice crackers original120.00 oz3.75each
Kadoya pure sesame oil11.00 fl oz6.00each
Kasugai apple gummy135.00 g4.00each
Kasugai fruit gummy candy (PIECE)0.25each
Kasugai grape gummy candy4.76 oz4.00each
Kasugai kiwifruit gummy candy (bag)135.00 g4.00each
Kasugai litchi gummy candy125.00 g4.00each
Kasugai mango gummy candy115.00 g4.00each
Kasugai melon gummy candy125.00 g4.00each
Kasugai mix gummy candy114.00 g4.00each
Kasugai muscat gummy candy4.76 oz4.00each
Kasugai orange gummy candy135.00 g4.00each
Kasugai peach gummy candy135.00 g4.00each
Kasugai pineapple gummy candy (bag)135.00 g4.00each
Kasugai strawberry gummy candy (bag)4.00each
Katherine anne rosemary sea salt caramels6.00each
Katherine anne truffles - four piece tray10.00each
Katherine anne truffles - three piece gift box10.00each
Kawan roti bawang spring onion paratha400.00 g2.50each
Kellogg's frosted flakes15.00 oz3.75each
Kellogg's raisin bran23.50 oz3.75each
Kellogg's rice krispies9.00 oz4.00each
Kemps Lowfat Buttermilk1.00 pt2.75each
Kercher's october gold apple cider64.00 oz4.00each
Kettle chips - jalapeno jack5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips backyard barbeque5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips backyard bbq2.00 oz1.25each
Kettle chips cheddar and roasted tomato4.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips honey dijon5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips jalapeno2.00 oz1.25each
Kettle chips jalapeno5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips krinkle salt and pepper2.00 oz1.25each
Kettle chips krinkle salt and pepper5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips new york cheddar5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips new york cheddar 1.50 oz1.25each
Kettle chips salt and pepper (14 oz)5.00each
Kettle chips sea salt2.00 oz1.25each
Kettle chips sea salt5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips sea salt & vinegar5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips sea salt & vinegar2.00 oz1.25each
Kettle chips sour cream onion & chives5.00 oz3.25each
Kettle chips unsalted5.00 oz3.25each
Kikkoman lite soy sauce10.00 oz3.00each
Kikkoman mirin 10oz2.85each
Kikkoman ponzu10.00 fl oz2.60each
Kikkoman soy sauce10.00 oz2.60each
Kikkoman soy sauce 20.00 fl oz4.10each
Kikkoman soy sauce tamari GF10.00 fl oz4.00each
Kikkoman tamari soy sauce 10.00 oz4.10each
Kilgus farmstead half & half1.00 pt2.75each
Kilgus farmstead heavy cream1.00 pt4.50each
Kilgus farmstead milk 2 % 0.50 g3.75each
Kilgus farmstead milk skim0.50 g3.75each
Kilgus farmstead milk whole0.50 g3.75each
Kind bar - almond and apricot2.00each
Kind bar - dark chocolate cashew2.00each
Kind bar almond & coconut40.00 g2.00each
Kind bar blueberry pecan40.00 g2.00each
Kind bar Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew40.00 g2.00each
Kind bar fruit & nut delight 40.00 g2.00each
Kind bar pomegranate blueberry pistachio1.40 oz2.00each
Kinder chocolate100.00 g3.00each
King arthur all purpose flour - organic32.00 oz6.50each
King arthur flour whole wheat flour5.00 lbs8.50each
Kingsford charcoal8.30 lbs8.50each
Kinnikinnick multigrain GF bread16.00 oz5.25each
Klondike bars5.50 oz1.50each
Knorr chicken bouillon3.20 oz1.55each
Knorr vegetarian vegetable bouillon2.50 oz1.55each
Knox gelatine1.00 oz2.25each
Knudsen just cranberry juice11.00each
Knudsen lemon ginger echinacea juice32.00 fl oz5.25each
Knudsen organic just tart cherry juice 32.00 fl oz11.00each
Knudsen organic apple juice32.00 fl oz4.75each
Knudsen pineapple juice organic32.00 fl oz6.50each
Knudsen very veggie low sodium32.00 oz4.40each
Koala's march1.45 oz1.50each
Kokuho rose premium quality sushi rice5.00 lbs8.75each
Korea kimchee sliced kimchee5.40each
Koyo foods lemongrass ginger ramen2.10 oz1.60each
Koyo foods mushroom ramen2.00 oz1.60each
Koyo foods organic soba8.00 oz3.40each
Kumato tomato1.00 lbs2.00each
Kyoshin ujikintoki mochi12.30 oz4.50each
Kyoshin white mochi12.30 oz4.50each
La farine almond croissant3.00each
La farine baguette 2.25each
La farine caramel0.75each
La farine chocolate bar6.00each
La farine ciabatta 4.00each
La farine ciabatta - half loaf2.00each
La farine ciabattini 2.00each
La farine croissant2.50each
La farine demi baguette1.50each
La farine focaccia rosemary3.50each
La farine focaccia tomato3.50each
La farine multigrain baguette3.00each
La farine pretzel bun (4pack)4.25each
La farine pretzel bun (single)1.10each
La farine sliced rye boule4.25each
La florentine torrone box7.62 oz8.00each
La florentine torrone INDIVIDUAL0.50each
La lechera sweetened condensed milk14.00 oz2.90each
La pref refried black beans16.00 oz1.75each
La preferida black beans30.00 oz2.00each
La preferida black beans15.00 oz1.50each
La preferida chick peas15.00 oz1.50each
La preferida grandules pigeon peas1.50each
La preferida jalapeno nacho slices hot8.00 oz2.50each
La preferida light red kidney beans15.00 oz1.50each
La preferida pinto beans15.00 oz1.50each
La preferida red chile enchilada sauce mild10.00 oz2.25each
La preferida serrano peppers11.00 oz1.50each
La preferida taco seasoning1.25 oz1.00each
La preferida tender sweet peas15.00 oz1.50each
La preferida vegetarian refried beans15.00 oz1.75each
La preferida whole kernel corn15.00 oz1.50each
La quercia speck americano sliced3.00 oz8.50each
La tourangelle pumpkin seed oil250.00 mL18.00each
La tourangelle walnut oil250.00 mL9.00each
Labriola baguette2.79each
Labriola pretzel hamburger buns3.99each
Labriola san francisco multigrain sourdough4.39each
Labriola san francisco sourdough4.19each
Labriola tuscan pane3.99each
Lakota microwave popcorn3.10each
Land o lakes unsalted sweet butter1.00 lbs5.00each
Larabar alt cinnamon apple crisp1.95 oz1.75each
Larabar apple pie1.60 oz1.75each
Larabar cashew cookie1.70 oz1.75each
Larabar chocolate coconut chew1.80 oz1.75each
Larabar coconut cream pie1.80 oz1.75each
Larabar jocalat1.70 oz1.75each
Larabar key lime pie1.80 oz1.75each
Larabar lemon1.75each
Larabar peanut butter & jelly1.70 oz1.75each
Late july mini peanut butter crackers1.13 oz1.50each
Late july organic classic rich crackers6.00 oz4.40each
Laughing cow mini babybel original (bag)4.00each
Le village sparkling blood orange 750.00 mL4.90each
Le village sparkling french lemonade750.00 mL4.90each
Lea and perrins worchestershire sauce5.00 oz3.10each
Lee kum kee black bean garlic sauce8.00 oz3.10each
Lee kum kee chili bean sauce8.00 oz3.00each
Lee kum kee hoisin sauce8.50 oz3.10each
Lee kum kee panda brand oyster flavored sauce9.00 oz2.60each
Leeks 0.75each
Leibniz20.00 g3.35each
Libby pure pumpkin15.00 oz2.75each
Lifeway frozen kefir bar - green tea raspberry6.00each
Lifeway frozen kefir bar - SINGLE32.00 fl oz1.50each
Lifeway kefir - original32.00 oz4.50each
Lifeway kefir lowfat blueberry32.00 fl oz4.50each
Lifeway kefir lowfat pomegranate32.00 fl oz4.50each
Lifeway tart & tangy frozen kefir - original1.00 pt5.50each
Lillie's q barbeque sauce carolina16.00 fl oz8.50each
Lime juice squeezer4.40 oz2.00each
Lime rock brown swiss cheese baby swiss8.00 oz4.50each
Local - bag mizuna - windy city harvest4.00each
Local - bag salad mix0.50 lbs4.00each
Local folks food medium garden salsa12.00 oz5.30each
Local folks food mushroom & garden veg pasta sauce24.00 oz8.00each
Local folks foods diced tomato24.00 oz5.50each
Local folks foods stoneground xxpress mustard18.00 oz5.50each
Local folks foods tomato & herb marinara sauce24.00 oz7.00each
Local folks ketchup16.00 fl oz6.00each
Local folks salsa hot16.00 oz5.15each
Local source grass fed ground beef1.00 lbs9.00each
Local source grass fed top round steak5.75each
Loose beets - local1.00 lbs1.25each
Looza apricot nectar33.80 fl oz5.50each
Looza mango nectar33.80 fl oz5.50each
Looza peach nectar33.80 fl oz5.50each
Looza pear nectar33.80 fl oz5.50each
Lotus foods forbidden rice15.00 oz5.50each
Lotus foods millet & brown rice ramen2.80 oz2.20each
Louisiana hot sauce6.00 fl oz1.75each
Lowensenf extra hot mustard9.30 oz6.75each
Lucky duck free range eggs6.00each
Luminous kitchens hemp bum bar1.00each
Luminous kitchens peanut butter bum bar2.00 oz1.00each
Luna & larry's coconut bliss - dark chocolate 1.00 pt8.25each
Luna & larry's coconut bliss - tropical vanilla 1.00 pt8.25each
Lundberg rice chip sea salt6.00 oz4.50each
Lundberg rice chips SMALL - sea salt1.50 oz1.50each
Madama oliva sundried tomatoes with oil and spices10.00 oz6.00each
Madhava agave nectar light11.75 oz6.50each
Madhava organic coconut sugar16.00 oz7.50each
Maeda en sen cha green tea 5.30 oz5.00each
Maeda green tea ice cream 3.50 fl oz1.50each
Maeda-en lychee sherbert1.00 pt4.00each
Maesri green curry paste4.00 oz1.50each
Maesri masaman curry paste4.00 oz1.50each
Maesri panang curry paste4.00 oz1.50each
Maesri red curry paste4.00 oz1.50each
Maesri yellow sour curry paste1.50each
Maille cornichons14.00 oz6.50each
Maille old style whole grain dijon mustard7.30 oz5.00each
Maine root ginger brew12.00 oz2.75each
Maine root mexicane cola12.00 oz2.75each
Maine root root beer12.00 oz2.75each
Maldon sea salt flakes8.50 oz7.50each
Malta goya malt beverage12.00 fl oz1.50each
Mama francesca anise pizzelle cookies7.00 oz4.25each
Mama lil's kick butt peppers12.00 oz9.00each
Mango - champagne ataulfo0.75each
Manischewitz extra wide egg noodles12.00 oz2.75each
Manner hazelnut cream wafers2.54 oz1.50each
Maple leaf cheese - habanero jack (enter weight)1.00 lbs13.00each
Marcal toilet paper roll1.00each
Marconi mild giardiniera16.00 oz5.15each
Marcy's gourmet caesar croutons4.40 oz3.25each
Mareli traditional candies - mixnut2.80 oz1.25each
Marias gamesa 19.70 oz2.00each
Marias gamesa cookies4.90 oz1.00each
Martin collet brie6.75each
Martinelli's apple juice10.00 fl oz1.85each
Martinelli's sparkling apple cider750.00 mL5.75each
Marukan genuine brewed rice vinegar12.00 oz2.65each
Mary o's granola for good12.00 oz5.75each
Mary's gone crackers GF chocolate chip cookies5.50each
Mary's gone crackers gluten free6.50 oz6.50each
Masoor dal red split lentils2.00 lbs2.50each
Matiz allioli garlic spread6.50 oz6.70each
Matiz gallego octopus in olive oil4.20 oz9.50each
Matiz romesco6.50 oz6.50each
Matt's real chocolate chip cookes16.00 oz4.50each
Matt's zion fig bars - raspberry28.00 oz4.50each
May-bud hickory smoked gouda cheese7.00 oz5.00each
Mccann's oatmeal variety pack7.20each
Mccann's steel cut irish oatmeal28.00 oz10.00each
Mcilhenny tabasco sauce2.00 oz2.00each
Mcintosh apples - local1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Mcvities digestives - dark chocolate8.80 oz4.75each
Mcvities digestives - original8.80 oz2.75each
Mcvities digestives dark chocolate10.50 oz5.00each
Mcvities hob nobs milk chocolate250.00 g4.75each
Medici apple turnover3.00each
Medici asiago cheese demi baguette2.50each
Medici bun1.00each
Medici chocolate croissant3.00each
Medici ciabatta bread4.25each
Medici cinnamon raisin bread5.00each
Medici cinnamon roll3.00each
Medici feta and spinach croissant4.25each
Medici muffin2.75each
Medici multi grain boule bread5.00each
Medici multi-grain demi baguette1.75each
Medici multigrain sandwich bread5.00each
Medici olive ciabatta bread5.00each
Medici semolina sesame loaf5.00each
Medici white sandwich bread5.00each
Medici wrap5.00each
Medjool dried dates0.25each
Meiji hello panda biscuits2.00 oz1.50each
Melitta brown basket coffee filter2.60each
Merci Chef Goat cheese with garlic & herb4.00 oz4.00each
Mergpijpjes dutch bakery 7.00 oz3.50each
Mestemacher natural three grain bread17.60 oz4.00each
Mestemacher pumpernickel 500.00 g4.00each
Metropolis coffee1.00 lbs13.50each
Mexican coke355.00 mL1.50each
Mexican coke - medio litro500.00 mL2.00each
Mezzetta maraschino cherries9.00 oz3.85each
Michigan pure maple syrup maple creations1.00 pt13.00each
Mikawaya mochi green tea ice cream12.00 oz5.75each
Mikawaya mochi mango ice cream5.75each
Milagro tostadas14.00 oz4.50each
Milo's poultry eggs large5.25each
Mindoro gorgonzola cheese (ENTER WEIGHT)1.00 lbs11.00lbs
Mini babybel original (each)0.75each
Mixed fingerling potatoes - local1.00 lbs4.00lbs
Mizuki strawberry mochi7.40 oz4.50each
Mochi ice cream strawberry12.00 fl oz5.75each
Momokan pickled ginger12.00 oz4.25each
Momokan premium medium grain brown rice20.00 lbs22.00each
Momokan premium medium grain brown rice5.00 lbs6.75each
Momokan roasted seaweed for sushi0.70 oz2.30each
Montchevre camembert4.40 oz6.50lbs
Montchevre goat milk brie4.40 oz6.50each
Morel and leek monterey jack1.00 lbs14.00lbs
Morinaga hi chew grape chews1.76 oz1.25each
Morinaga hi chew green apple chews1.76 oz1.25each
Morinaga hi chew mango fruit chews50.00 g1.25each
Morinaga hi chew strawberry fruit chews1.76 oz1.25each
Morton & basset caraway seeds2.00 oz6.70each
Morton & basset celery seed1.90 oz6.60each
Morton & basset chives0.12 oz6.50each
Morton & basset herbs from provence0.70 oz8.00each
Morton & basset italian seasoning1.20 oz7.50each
Morton & basset juniper berries1.30 oz8.00each
Morton & basset marjoram0.40 oz6.75each
Morton & basset tarragon0.30 oz6.70each
Morton bassett mulling spice1.70 oz7.75each
Morton iodized salt26.00 oz1.00each
Morton kosher salt1.00 lbs2.50each
Mother's rice cakes salted4.40 oz2.75each
Mott's apple juice64.00 fl oz5.00each
Mott's Apple Juice32.00 fl oz2.50each
Mott's apple sauce23.00 oz3.25each
Mounsier papa sorrel hibiscus drink250.00 mL1.00each
Mr. mustard - original hot7.50 oz3.00each
Mr. mustard - sweet hot7.50 oz3.00each
Mr. q cumber7.00 fl oz1.75each
Mrs. clark mayonnaise32.00 oz5.00each
Mrs. wages fruit pectin1.75 oz3.25each
Mt. sterling raw goat milk mild cheddar8.00 oz7.50each
Mtr alu methi300.00 g2.50each
Mtr avial 2.50each
Mtr bhindi masala2.50each
Mtr curry rice300.00 g2.50each
Mtr dal fry300.00 g2.50each
Mtr dal makhani300.00 g2.50each
Mtr hot & sour soup250.00 g2.50each
Mtr kesaribhath300.00 g2.50each
Mtr lemon rice10.56 oz2.50each
Mtr mixed veg curry10.56 oz2.50each
Mtr palak paneer300.00 g2.50each
Mtr paneer makhani300.00 g2.50each
Mtr peas & mushroom curry300.00 g2.50each
Mtr pongal2.50each
Mtr sambar300.00 g2.50each
Mtr vegetable pulao300.00 g2.50each
Muir glen org diced tomatoes28.00 oz3.60each
Muir glen organic no salt diced tomato14.50 oz2.60each
Muir glen organic tomato paste6.00 oz1.65each
Muir glen organic whole peeled tomatoes28.00 oz3.60each
Multiplier onions - organic1.00 lbs5.00lbs
Mun chai ya peking vegetarian roast duck10.00 oz2.30each
Mushrooms - portabella (loose)4.50lbs
Mushrooms - white conventional2.00each
Mutsu apples - local1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Mysore sandal soap75.00 g2.00each
Naked green machine large32.00 fl oz5.75each
Naked smoothies15.20 fl oz4.00each
Nancy's organic plain lowfat yogurt32.00 oz7.00each
Nancy's organic whole milk yogurt plain32.00 oz7.00each
Nanka seimen udon noodles12.00 oz2.50each
Native american herbal tea - good medicine4.00each
Native american teepee dreams4.10each
Natracare organic tampons7.25each
Natracare organic tampons SINGLE0.50each
Natural value kitchen scrubber sponge1.50each
Natural value organic dijon8.00 oz4.00each
Nature's all freeze dried strawberries1.20 oz7.00each
Nature's bakery fig bar - blueberry6.00each
Nature's bakery fig bar - blueberry INDV1.25each
Nature's path organic heritage heirloom whole grain bites12.50 oz5.95each
Nature's path organic maple pecan crunch cereal11.50 oz5.65each
Nature's path organic pumpkin flax granola325.00 g5.00each
Navel oranges1.00 lbs1.10lbs
Near east sundried tomato basil rice mix5.50 oz2.75each
Near east wild mushroom herb couscous5.40 oz2.75each
Nessalla kombucha seasonal16.00 oz4.25each
New potatoes local2.25lbs
New york style pita chips sea salt9.00 oz3.50each
Newman o's - hint o mint 13.00 oz6.25each
Newman o's - original13.00 oz6.25each
Newman's Own Organic Cat Food - chicken3.00 oz2.00each
Niederegger Lubeck Marzipan4.40 oz22.00each
Niederegger marzipan2.60 oz5.25each
Nielsen massey pure vanilla extract4.00 fl oz10.00each
Nishiki premium brown rice15.00 lbs20.00each
Nishiki premium rice15.00 lbs23.00each
Nong shim shin cup75.00 g1.85each
Nordic creamery - feddost8.00 oz6.50each
Nordic creamery aged cheddar cheese16.00 oz8.75each
Nordic creamery capriko cheese8.00 oz6.00each
Nordic creamery grumpy goat cheese8.00 oz8.00each
Nordic Creamery Harvest Butter7.50each
Nordic creamery wisconsin butter12.00 oz6.50each
Nordic Muenster Cheese1.00 lbs7.50each
Nordic Smoked Muenster8.00 oz5.00each
North shore bakery challah5.00each
North shore bakery challah - raisin5.00each
North shore challah on sunday3.75each
North shore raisin challah on sunday3.75each
Nusco dark chocolate spread400.00 g4.25each
Nutella350.00 g4.75each
Nutritional yeast5.00 oz6.45each
O'tasty bbq pork bao with oyster sauce5.65each
O'tasty jumbo chicken dumplings20.00 oz4.50each
Oasis big hummus16.00 oz6.20each
Odwalla vanilla al'mondo protein super protein3.75each
Okra1.00 lbs3.00lbs
One gallon compost disposal0.25each
Orange bell pepper0.75each
Orange honeydew melon - organic4.25each
Orangina1.00 L3.10each
Oregon chai the original chai tea latte32.00 fl oz5.75each
ORG broccoli rabe - rapini3.00each
Organic avocado (2 for $1)0.50each
Organic crenshaw melon5.75each
Organic forelle pears1.00 lbs3.50each
Organic gingergold apples1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Organic golden delicious apples1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Organic green grapes2.50lbs
Organic juicing carrots1.00 lbs1.50each
ORGANIC navel oranges1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Organic paula red apples1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Organic red delicious apples3.00lbs
ORGANIC satsuma / mandarins / clementines1.00 lbs2.50each
Organic tangelos1.00 lbs2.00each
Organic valencia oranges1.00 lbs2.00each
Organic valley 1 percent milk4.50each
Organic valley fat free milk4.50each
Organic valley low fat strawberry milk8.00 fl oz2.00each
Organic valley lowfat chocolate milk8.00 fl oz2.00each
Organic valley organic cream cheese8.00 oz4.50each
Organic valley organic heavy whipping cream16.00 fl oz5.00each
Organic valley sour cream16.00 oz3.00each
Organic valley soy creamer original16.00 oz3.50each
Organic valley soymilk - plain64.00 oz4.50each
Organic valley string cheese1.10each
Organic valley whole fat cottage cheese16.00 oz7.00each
Organic valley whole milk8.00 oz2.00each
Oriental sweet potatoes1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Ortiz anchovies in olive oil1.90 oz12.25each
Ortiz filetti di sgombro mackerel250.00 g10.80each
Ortiz white tuna in olive oil112.00 g5.20each
Oskri coconut bar25.00 g0.75each
Pacific beef broth32.00 oz5.25each
Pacific cashew carrot ginger soup32.00 fl oz5.50each
Pacific creamy butternut squash soup32.00 oz5.50each
Pacific creamy tomato soup32.00 fl oz5.50each
Pacific curried red lentil soup32.00 oz5.50each
Pacific organic free range chicken broth32.00 oz5.25each
Pacific organic mushroom broth1.00 qt5.25each
Pacific organic vegetable broth5.25each
Pacific roasted red pepper and tomato soup32.00 oz5.50each
Pacific rose apple1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Palacios cured chorizo7.90 oz7.85each
Paldo aloe vera drink500.00 mL2.00each
Palm date gardens medjool dates2.00 kg30.00each
Panda licorice - raspberry32.00 g1.25each
Panda licorice fat free32.00 g1.25each
Paper towel roll2.50each
Parade odorless charcoal lighter fluid32.00 fl oz3.75each
Parsnips1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Peaches1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Peanut butter & co. crunch time16.00 oz4.85each
Peanut butter & co. smooth operator16.00 oz4.85each
Pear - seckel - local2.00lbs
Pears - bosc1.00 lbs1.50lbs
Pears - green bartlett1.25lbs
Peerless city baguette12.00 oz4.00each
Peerless country levain24.00 oz6.75each
Peerless jam bite cookies6.00each
Peerless plain old granola6.75each
Peerless whole grain harvest loaf30.00 oz7.00each
Peloponnese kalamata olives6.00 oz5.50each
Pepperidge farms hot dog buns3.00each
Perfect pasta four cheese ravioli16.00 oz5.00each
Perfect pasta meat tortellacci16.00 oz5.00each
Perfect pasta portobello ravioli16.00 oz5.00each
Perfect pasta pumpkin ravioli16.00 oz5.00each
Perfect pasta spinach ravioli1.00 lbs5.00each
Pg tips - 40 ct6.00each
Phil's fresh eggs one dozen3.25each
Philippine dried mangoes3.53 oz2.25each
Phoenix Bean - Fried Extra Firm Tofu10.00 oz3.75each
Pickling cucumbers - local1.00 lbs2.25lbs
Pico de gallo 16.00 oz5.00each
Pillsbury all purpose flour5.00 lbs4.00each
Pinata apples organic1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Pinova apples - organic1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Pirate's booty aged white cheddar4.00 oz3.25each
Pirate's booty aged white cheddar1.00 oz1.50each
Pirouline rolled wafers - chocolate hazelnut14.00 oz5.75each
Pirro farfalle500.00 g5.50each
Pirro trofie500.00 g4.25each
Pixie tangerines - organic1.00 lbs3.50each
Pizzelle di nonna cookies - chocolate200.00 g4.25each
Pizzelle di nonna cookies - lemon200.00 g4.25each
Pizzelle di nonna cookies - maple200.00 g4.25each
Plainville virginia uncured honey ham7.00 oz4.85each
Pleasant house royal pie9.00each
Plums1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Pluots1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Poblano peppers1.00each
Pocky chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks80.00 g3.00each
Popsicle pop ups1.00each
Portabella mushrooms - loose local1.00 lbs4.50lbs
Potato - white0.75each
Potter's crackers5.00 oz5.50each
Potter's crackers - gluten free5.00 oz5.50each
Poultry blend - rosemary, sage, and thyme0.75 oz2.50each
Prickly pear0.75each
Primal strips - mesquite lime1.00 oz1.75each
Primal strips seitan teriyaki 1.00 oz1.75each
Primal strips shiitake mushroom1.00 oz1.75each
Primal strips soy hickory smoked1.00 oz1.75each
Progresso soup - chicken & wild rice19.00 oz2.50each
Puckered pickle natural dill relish12.00 oz3.90each
Pulparindo14.00 g0.25each
Pulparindo280.00 g3.00each
Pur gum1.00each
Pure alaska wild alaskan pink salmon 7.50 oz8.50each
Purple asparagus - local1.00 lbs5.50each
Purple onions bunch - green youth farms2.75lbs
Purslaine - local2.50each
Q tonic750.00 mL8.00each
Quaker oats grits24.00 oz3.75each
Quaker oats old fashioned18.00 oz4.30each
Quaker oats quick 1 minute18.00 oz4.00each
Quaker yellow corn meal24.00 oz3.35each
Quince & apple figs and black tea preserves6.00 fl oz7.00each
Quince & apple shallot confit with red wine6.00 fl oz7.00each
Radicchio - organic5.00each
Rainbow carrots - organic1.00 lbs2.50each
Rainier cherries1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Raisin river chicken sausage with apple12.00 oz6.50each
Rajun cajun meals6.50each
Rajun cajun samosas1.50each
Ramune melon flavor6.76 oz1.75each
Rao's homemade arrabbiata sauce24.00 oz11.00each
Rao's homemade vodka sauce24.00 oz11.00each
Rapunzel vegan vegetable bouillon with sea salt & herbs4.00each
Ratna alphonso mango pulp30.00 oz4.65each
Red bell pepper1.25each
Red cabbage1.50each
Red grapes2.00lbs
Red lake nation blueberry syrup8.00 fl oz6.00each
Red lake nation wild chokecherry syrup8.00 fl oz6.00each
Red lake nation wild plum jelly12.00 oz6.50each
Red lake nation wild rice12.00 oz6.00each
Red onions0.75lbs
Red pears1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Red pears - ORGANIC1.00 lbs1.75lbs
Red potatoes0.75lbs
Red potatoes - local1.00 lbs2.25lbs
Red slicing tomatoes - organic1.00 lbs3.50lbs
Reed's ginger brew extra 12.00 fl oz2.00each
Reed's spiced apple brew apple cider12.00 fl oz2.00each
Reese smoked oysters3.00each
Rema patch kit4.50each
Rhubarb - local1.00 lbs4.50lbs
Rhubarb - organic1.00 lbs6.25lbs
Rice dream rice drink original enriched32.00 fl oz4.50each
Riceland enriched rice extra long grain1.00 lbs1.75each
Riceland extra long grain natural brown rice1.00 lbs1.75each
Ricotta cup - grande creamery8.00 oz4.75each
Ritter sport alpine milk chocolate3.25each
Ritter sport cornflakes3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport dark chocolate 50% cocoa3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport dark chocolate with marzipan3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport extra fine dark chocolate 73%3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport milk chocolate with butter biscuit3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport milk chocolate with hazelnut3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport milk chocolate with raisins & hazelnuts3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport milk chocolate with strawberry creme3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport milk chocolate with whole almonds3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport white chocolate with whole hazelnuts3.50 oz3.25each
Ritter sport yogurt3.50 oz3.25each
Ritz crackers13.70 oz3.00each
River valley kitchens artichoke dip mix16.00 oz8.00each
River valley kitchens portabella pasta sauce16.00 oz8.00each
River valley ranch granola - banana walnut12.00 oz7.50each
River valley ranch granola - blueberry cardamom12.00 oz7.50each
River valley ranch granola - chocolate cherry12.00 oz7.50each
River valley ranch shroomschetta16.00 oz8.00each
Roland smoked mussels3.66 oz2.75each
Romaine head - local1.50each
Romaine hearts18.00 oz3.00each
Rubschlager rye-ola black rye bread1.00 lbs3.00each
Rumford baking powder230.00 g3.60each
Russet potatoes0.60lbs
Russian blue potato - local1.00 lbs3.50lbs
Rustic bakery pecan shortbread5.50each
Rutabaga - local1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Sabina's tortilla chips14.00 oz3.50each
Sacla italia classic basil pesto190.00 g6.50each
Salonica baklava3.50each
Salonica kalamata olive 7.00each
Salonica olive oil (j g frangias)16.00each
Salonica secret seasoning4.00each
Saltines4.00 oz2.75each
San pellegrino1.00 L2.50each
San pellegrino aranciata - bottle11.15 mL1.25each
San pellegrino blood orange - can330.00 mL1.25each
San pellegrino chinotto200.00 mL1.25each
San pellegrino clementina330.00 mL1.25each
San pellegrino limonata330.00 mL1.25each
San pellegrino mineral water750.00 mL2.00each
San pellegrino pomegranate and orange330.00 mL1.25each
San pellegrino pompelmo330.00 mL1.25each
San pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water500.00 mL1.75each
San-j gluten free tamari soy sauce10.00 oz8.90each
San-j szechuan hot and spicy hot & spicy marinade & stir fry19.00 fl oz5.40each
San-j teriyaki stir fry & marinade10.00 fl oz5.40each
Santa barbara olive co. large pitted black olives6.00 oz3.35each
Santa cruz organic lemonade32.00 fl oz3.85lbs
Sapporo ichiban miso ramen3.55 oz1.00each
Sara lee burger buns3.00each
Sarsons malt vinegar 10.10 oz4.50each
Sassy cow chocolate milk1.00 pt1.50each
Sassy cow chocolate milk64.00 fl oz3.00each
Sassy cow chocolate milk1.00 qt1.85each
Sassy cow half and half1.00 pt2.00each
Sassy cow heavy whipping cream1.00 pt3.00each
Sassy cow organic 2% milk1.89 L4.00each
Sassy cow organic skim milk1.89 L4.00each
Sassy cow organic whole milk 1.89 L4.00each
Savoy cabbage - local6.00each
Savoy coconut cream14.00 oz2.75each
Schluckwerder marzipan2.50each
Scrumptious pantry heirloom pickles16.00 oz8.85each
Sea's gift roasted seaweed snack6.00 g1.25each
Sea's gift sweet korean seaweed snack0.69 oz2.00each
Seapoint farms dry roasted edamame 4.00 oz2.50each
Seedless cello cucumbers1.50lbs
Seedling pear butter8.00lbs
Seedling strawberry rhubarb preserve8.00 oz6.00each
Seedling tart cherry jam8.00lbs
Seitbacher high fiber snack cocoa4.00 oz2.75each
Seitenbacher banana cranberry bar1.80 oz2.25each
Seitenbacher cereal #22 almonds and raspberries1.00 lbs6.25each
Seitenbacher energy bar1.80 oz2.25each
Seitenbacher gluten free whole grain cornflakes8.80 oz2.50each
Seitenbacher musli #1 natural body power1.00 lbs5.50each
Seitenbacher musli #3 for active people16.00 oz5.50each
Seitenbacher musli #7 gluten free musli13.20 oz6.25each
Seitenbacher peach chicks3.00 oz2.00each
Seitenbacher smooch lions3.50 oz2.00each
Seitenbacher veggie burger mix3.50 oz2.25each
Serranos1.00 lbs2.00count
Seven stars farm organic plain yogurt - original32.00 oz5.25each
Seventh generation natural all purpose cleaner32.00 fl oz5.75each
Seventh generation natural laundry detergent packs SINGLE 0.50each
Shallots1.00 lbs2.25lbs
Shiitake - local1.00 lbs9.00lbs
Shin ramyun noodle soup4.20 oz1.50each
Shin ramyun noodle soup bowl3.03 oz1.50each
Shirako instant seaweed soup80.00 g3.25each
Siggi's icelandic style yogurt - coconut5.30 oz2.65each
Siggi's icelandic style yogurt - orange ginger2.65each
Siggi's icelandic style yogurt - peach5.30 oz2.65each
Siggi's icelandic style yogurt - vanilla5.30 oz2.65each
Silk almond milk - original4.50each
Silk soy yogurt blueberry5.30 oz1.75each
Silk soy yogurt peach mango5.30 oz1.75each
Silk soy yogurt strawberry5.30 oz1.75each
Simply organic almond extract2.00 oz5.55each
Simply organic cayenne pepper2.89 oz5.50each
Simply organic cinnamon5.75each
Simply organic cumin2.31 oz6.00each
Simply organic dried basil0.54 oz4.75each
Simply organic ginger1.64 oz6.00each
Simply organic ground nutmeg2.30 oz6.50each
Simply organic lemon pepper3.17 oz5.50each
Simply organic oregano0.75 oz5.00each
Simply organic poppy seed3.81 oz5.50each
Simply organic sweet basil pesto sauce15.00 g1.75each
Simply organic thyme0.78 oz5.50each
Simply organic turmeric2.38 oz5.00each
Simply organic vanilla extract2.00 oz6.00each
Sioux city birch beer12.00 fl oz2.00each
Snack factory pretzel crisps - original 7.20 oz3.25each
Sno pac organic blueberries10.00 oz6.00each
Sno pac organic corn 10.00 oz3.50each
Sno pac organic frozen cranberries10.00 oz5.00each
Sno pac organic green peas10.00 oz3.50each
Snopac organic frozen strawberries10.00 oz5.00each
Snow peas1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Somboon wet seedless tamarind14.00 oz3.00each
Sonoma syrup - vanilla hazelnut25.40 fl oz10.00each
Soulveg apple pie5.10each
Soulveg bbq delights5.10each
Soulveg jerk steak wrap5.10each
Soulveg jerk tofu wrap5.10each
Soulveg kale green salad5.10each
Soulveg lasagna - side 5.35each
Soulveg macaroni and cheese5.35each
Soulveg sweet potato pie5.10each
Soy dream french vanilla ice cream1.00 pt5.50each
Soy vay toasted sesame dressing & marinade13.00 fl oz2.75each
Spanish saffron1.00 g6.50each
Spartan apples - organic1.00 lbs2.50lbs
Sperlari tenero alla mandorla150.00 g5.00each
Spicchidor italian candies hard candy0.25each
Spicy world dried chilli whole3.50 oz2.00each
Spike gourmet natural seasoning3.00 oz3.50each
Sprite355.00 mL1.50each
Squid fish sauce25.00 fl oz2.50each
Sriracha hot chili sauce28.00 oz5.00each
St dalfour organic black cherry tea1.75 oz4.75each
St dalfour organic darjeeling tea3.75each
St dalfour organic earl grey tea4.75each
St dalfour organic lemon tea4.75each
St. joseph manchego sheep cheese1.00 lbs21.00lbs
Stappj bitter carbonated apertif100.00 mL1.00each
Star fruit2.00each
Starkist chunk light tuna in water5.00 oz1.75each
State brand sharp cheddar cheese8.00 oz2.75each
Steenland milk chocolate euro coins in bag30.00 g1.25each
Stella parmesan cheese8.00 oz3.75each
Stokes purple sweet potato1.00 lbs3.00lbs
Strawberries1.00 lbs3.00each
Stretch island fruit leather - apple0.50 oz0.75each
Stretch Island fruit leather - apricot0.50 oz0.75each
Stretch island fruit leather - raspberry0.75each
Stretch island fruit leather - strawberry0.50 oz0.75each
Stroopwafels roomboter4.50each
Sultan fried eggplant14.00 oz3.00each
Sultan giant lima beans in tomato sauce14.00 oz3.00each
Sultan hummos tahini14.00 oz1.50each
Sultan maamoul date cookies6.00each
Sultan maamoul date filled cookies SINGLE0.50each
Sultan morrocan sardines2.25each
Sultan pomegranate molassas10.50 oz2.85each
Sultan stuffed cabbage13.20 oz3.00each
Sultan stuffed eggplant14.00 oz3.00each
Sultan stuffed grape leaves14.00 oz3.00each
Sultan stuffed peppers14.00 oz3.00each
Sultan turkish delight pistachio16.00 oz6.00each
Sultan turkish delight rose16.00 oz6.00each
Sun cups organic nut free gluten free 3.00each
Sun date pitted dates10.00 oz3.00each
Sun maid raisins SINGLE 1.00 oz0.50each
Sun ni armenian string cheese7.25each
Sun wave mixed mochi8.00 oz3.00each
Sun xien firm tofu16.00 oz1.75each
Sun xien fried tofu10.00 oz2.50each
Sun xien soft tofu14.00 oz1.75each
Sunbutter natural16.00 oz7.75each
Sunflower jasmine tea0.50 lbs6.00each
Sunmain raisins9.00 oz2.65each
Sunny road gouda 8.00 oz6.50each
Sunny road gruyere8.00 oz6.50each
Sunny road raw havarti8.00 oz6.50each
Sunny road raw milk cheddar8.00 oz6.50each
Supreme Bean Pie8.00each
Supremo queso fresco8.00 oz5.00each
Sushi chef black sesame seeds107.00 g3.50each
Sushi chef panko8.00 g4.10each
Sushi chef pickled ginger6.00 fl oz4.10each
Sushi chef red miso soup15.00 g1.50each
Sustainable seas solid light tuna in water4.10 oz3.50each
Suzme sun dried figs14.00 oz3.50each
Swad amchur powder7.00 oz3.00each
Swad bay leaves2.00 oz3.75each
Swad black pepper coarse7.00 oz4.50each
Swad black pepper whole7.00 oz4.00each
Swad blackeye peas2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad brown basmati rice4.00 lbs7.00each
Swad cashew chikki3.50each
Swad chana dal split chickpeas2.00 lbs2.50each
Swad chilli powder7.00 oz4.00each
Swad chundo pickle12.00 oz3.00each
Swad cinnamon sticks7.00 oz2.50each
Swad clove powder3.50 oz10.00each
Swad clove whole7.00 oz7.50each
Swad coconut oil16.00 oz5.00each
Swad coriander chutney3.50each
Swad coriander powder7.00 oz2.50each
Swad coriander seeds7.00 oz3.00each
Swad crushed chilli7.00 oz3.00each
Swad cumin powder7.00 oz4.00each
Swad cumin seeds7.00 oz2.50each
Swad dal makhani9.90 oz2.50each
Swad dehraduni basmati rice10.00 lbs12.00each
Swad fenugreek seeds7.00 oz4.00each
Swad garam masala powder7.00 oz2.00each
Swad garlic pickle10.00 oz3.00each
Swad ginger paste7.50 oz3.50each
Swad ginger powder7.00 oz3.50each
Swad golden raisins7.00 oz2.25each
Swad green cardamom pods7.00 oz9.00each
Swad green chili pickle10.00 oz3.00each
Swad hot mango chutney10.50 oz3.00each
Swad jasmine rice20.00 lbs20.00each
Swad kabuli chana whole chickpeas2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad kala chana brown chickpeas2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad lime pickle hot10.00 oz3.00each
Swad lime sweet pickle12.00 oz3.00each
Swad madras curry powder7.00 oz4.00each
Swad mango pickle3.00each
Swad mango pickle extra hot10.00 oz3.00each
Swad mint chutney7.50 oz3.00each
Swad moong - split2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad moong daal2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad mustard seeds7.00 oz3.00each
Swad paneer 14.00 oz5.25each
Swad paprika7.00 oz4.00each
Swad rte aloo mutter micro curry2.50each
Swad rte baingain barta micro curry2.50each
Swad rte chana masala280.00 g2.50each
Swad rte dal tadka2.50each
Swad rte kadhi pakodi2.50each
Swad rte navratan korma280.00 g2.50each
Swad rte sarson ka saage2.50each
Swad sesame chikki7.00 oz3.50each
Swad sesame seeds white7.00 oz4.00each
Swad sweet mango chutney3.00each
Swad tamarind chutney7.50 oz3.50each
Swad toor dal split pigeon peas2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad toor whole pigeon peas2.00 lbs3.50each
Swad turmeric powder7.00 oz3.00each
Sweet baby grapes2.50lbs
Sweet baby ray's barbeque sauce18.00 oz3.85each
Sweet basil harvested here2.00 oz4.00each
Sweet basil vinaigrette harvested here12.00 oz7.00each
Sweet ella's organic peanut butter - crunchy12.50 oz7.50each
Sweet ella's organic peanut butter - smooth13.00 oz7.50each
Sweet potatoes0.75lbs
Swiss gourmet frozen yogurt caramel swiss almond 1.00 qt6.00each
Swiss gourmet frozen yogurt or ice cream1.00 qt6.00each
Szeged garlic powder6.00 oz4.75each
Szeged ground cinnamon 4.00 oz4.75each
Szeged hungarian paprika5.00 oz4.75each
Tabasco green pepper sauce2.00 fl oz2.15each
Tabasco sauce - BIG12.00 fl oz8.50each
Tajin clasico seasoning chili5.00 oz2.25each
Talenti pints1.00 pt5.00each
Tamarind box1.00 oz4.65each
Tangerines1.00 lbs1.25lbs
Tapatio5.00 oz1.60each
Taste nirvana real coconut water9.50 oz2.50each
Taste nirvana real coconut water - large700.00 mL5.50each
Taste nirvana thai chili coconut water9.50 fl oz2.75each
Taste nirvana thai tea9.50 fl oz1.50each
Tasty joy brand star aniseed7.00 oz4.90each
Tasty joy japanese snack crackers with wasabi peas3.00 oz2.75each
Tasty joy sweet and sour sauce G087580 8.00 oz2.00each
Tasty joy unpeeled soybean edamame1.00 lbs2.50each
Tasty joy wasabi peas4.90 oz2.75each
Taylor organic salad arugula clamshell5.00 oz4.50each
Taza cacao puro chocolate mexicano - 70%2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano 85%2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano chipotle chili2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano cinnamon2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano coffee2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano ginger 2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano guajillo chili2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano orange2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano salt & pepper2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano salted almond2.70 oz4.50each
Taza chocolate mexicano vanilla2.70 oz4.50each
Taza organic chocolate bar 60 per cent3.00 oz5.50each
Taza organic chocolate bar 70 per cent3.00 oz5.50each
Taza organic chocolate bar 80 per cent3.00 oz5.50each
Taza organic chocolate bar 87 per cent3.00 oz5.50each
Tazito - coconut crunch0.85 oz2.00each
Tazitos - almond crunch85.00 oz2.00each
Tazitos - crispy crunch0.85 oz2.00each
Tazitos - hazelnut crunch0.85 oz2.00each
Tcho assorted chocolate0.50each
Tcho dark chocolate - fruity2.00 oz5.00each
Tcho gift box40.00each
Tcho milk chocolate - classic2.00 oz5.00each
Teas' tea half and half green tea with lemonade16.90 fl oz2.50each
Teas' tea jasmine green unsweetened16.90 fl oz2.50each
Teas' tea pure green unsweetened16.90 fl oz2.50each
Teas' tea unsweetened golden oolong tea2.50each
Tecumseh farms uncured chicken sausage7.50each
Terra exotic vegetable chips original4.00 oz5.00each
Texas tamale company black bean tamales with cilantro18.00 oz12.20each
Texas tamale company pork tamales18.00 oz12.20each
Thai chili1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Thai peppers - fresh0.02each
Thanksgiving turkey - bronze1.00 lbs4.49each
Thanksgiving turkey - white1.00 lbs3.99each
The coffeecake connection GF cookies3.00each
The fine cheese co basil crackers5.30 oz4.65each
The fine cheese co charcoal crackers5.30 oz5.80each
The fine cheese co fig crackers5.30 oz4.65each
The fine cheese co red hot chilli crackers5.30 oz4.65each
The scrumptious pantry heirloom pickles red beets16.00 oz8.00each
Theo chili dark chocolate3.00 oz4.00each
Theo chocolate bread and chocolate2.00 oz3.50each
Theo chocolate chai tea2.00 oz3.50each
Theo chocolate coconut curry2.00 oz3.50each
Theo chocolate fig fennel almond2.00 oz3.50each
Theo coconut mint milk chocolate3.00 oz5.00each
Theo congo coffee & cream 3.00 oz5.00each
Theo gingerbread spice milk chocolate3.00 oz5.00each
Theo milk chocolate salted almond3.00 oz5.00each
Theo peanut butter cups2.00each
Theo toasted coconut dark chocolate3.00 oz4.50each
Thums up soda300.00 mL1.75each
Tiger balm white0.63 oz6.00each
Tiger poole rice flour noodles thick600.00 g3.85each
Tillen farms rainier reserve cherries13.50 oz7.00each
Ting9.64 oz1.50each
Tinkyada brown rice fettucini gluten free14.00 oz4.40each
Tj's dozen eggs 5.25each
Tj's free-range chicken (ENTER PRICE)0.01each
Today's temptations bread22.00 oz4.15each
Tofurky beer brats14.00 oz5.25each
Tofurky hickory smoked deli slices5.50 oz4.10each
Tofurky italian sausage with sun-dried tomatoes and basil14.00 oz5.25each
Tofurky pepperoni pizza 13.60 oz10.50each
Tofurky sausage & veg pizza14.10 oz10.50each
Tofutti cream cheese non-hydrogenated8.00 oz4.00each
Tofutti cuties vanilla cream sandwiches4.75each
Tofutti ice cream sandwich single0.75each
Tofutti non-hydrogenated sour cream supreme12.00 oz3.85each
Tom's of maine propolis and myrrh toothpaste6.70each
Tom's of maine whole care peppermint toothpaste with flouride4.70 oz6.70each
Tomato, indigo rose - local1.00 lbs3.00each
Tomatoes - campari box16.00 oz2.00each
Tomatoes on vine1.00 lbs2.00lbs
Top maruchan ramen - beef3.00 oz0.50each
Top maruchan ramen - chicken3.00 oz0.50each
Top maruchan ramen - shrimp0.50each
Top ramen - chili3.00 oz0.50each
Top ramen - oriental3.00 oz0.50each
Top ramen maruchan ramen (3)1.00each
Totally vegan jalapeno cheez10.00 oz5.25each
Totally vegan kale salad5.25each
Totally vegan spinach quiche10.00 oz5.25each
Tote bag from open produce heaven7.00each
Traditional medicinals organic chamomile with lavender5.75each
Traditional medicinals organic echinacea plus5.75each
Traditional medicinals organic raspberry leaf tea6.25each
Traditional medicinals organic smooth move tea5.75each
Traditional medicinals organic throat coat5.75each
Tribe hummus forty spices8.00 oz2.85each
Tribe hummus sundried tomato and basil8.00 oz2.85each
Tribe roasted garlic hummus8.00 oz2.85each
Triple leaf tea ginger1.40 oz4.75each
Tropicana cranberry juice cocktail12.00 fl oz1.75each
Tropicana orange juice small12.00 fl oz1.75each
Tropicana pure premium some pulp homestyle orange juice59.00 fl oz4.75each
Tropicana ruby red grapefruit59.00 fl oz4.75each
Tropiway plantain fufu flour1.00 lbs3.35each
TUB ALMONDS, BROWNSKIN RAW 16OZ16.00 oz12.50each
TUB APPLE RINGS 6OZ6.00 oz3.00each
TUB APRICOTS, TURKISH 15OZ15.00 oz9.50each
TUB BANANA CHIPS 9OZ9.00 oz2.60each
TUB BRAZIL NUTS, SHELLED RAW 15OZ15.00 oz10.80each
TUB CASHEWS, 320CT SALTED 15OZ15.00 oz9.75each
TUB CASHEWS, COLOSSAL RAW 13OZ13.00 oz8.75each
TUB CRANBERRIES16.00 oz5.75each
TUB ENERGY MIX (NO SALT) 16OZ16.00 oz5.50each
TUB MANGO SLICES, HOT N SPICY 11OZ11.00 oz4.80each
TUB MIXED NUTS, DX SALTED 14OZ14.00 oz12.50each
TUB PINEAPPLE RINGS15.00 oz5.75each
TUB PRUNES, PITTED 16OZ16.00 oz8.00each
TUB RAISINS, DARK 16OZ16.00 oz4.50each
TUB TRAIL MIX (NO SALT) 16OZ16.00 oz6.90each
TUB TROPICAL MIX (NO SALT) 16OZ16.00 oz5.00each
Twinings darjeeling tea100.00 g7.25each
Twinings english breakfast tea4.50each
Twinings irish breakfast4.70each
Twinings pure rooibos red tea1.41 oz4.25each
Ucc coffee with milk original blend11.30 fl oz2.00each
Ugli fruit2.00each
Unreal chicken wrap5.10each
Upton's natural italian sausage style seitan8.00 oz4.25each
Upton's naturals chorizo style seitan8.00 oz4.25each
Upton's traditional seitan8.00 oz4.25each
V & v supremo chihuahua14.00 oz8.75each
Valbreso feta 7.00 oz5.15each
Valentina red label hot sauce370.00 mL2.00each
Valley view of ellsworth cheddar cheese8.00 oz4.25each
Vandevi asafoetida (yellow powder)50.00 g2.00each
Verde valle queretaro black beans1.00 lbs2.75each
Verduijn galetwafels sugarwafer biscuits4.40 oz3.00each
Veteran tamale1.00each
Village batch organic manaki olive oil16.90 fl oz15.00each
Vita wild nova salmon3.00 oz6.10each
Volcano lemon burst6.70 oz3.00each
Volpi chianti red wine salami 8.00 oz6.00each
Volpi hot sopressata salame8.00 oz6.00each
Volpi milano salame8.00 oz6.00each
Volpi pinot grigio white wine salami8.00 oz6.00each
Volpi romano salame8.00 oz6.00each
Volpi rose salami 8.00 oz6.00each
Walker pure butter shortbread fingers5.25each
Wallaby lowfat org raspberry yogurt6.00 oz1.50each
Wallaby lowfat yogurt - strawberry6.00 oz1.50each
Wallaby org low fat maple yogurt6.00 oz1.50each
Wallaby org lowfat blueberry yogurt6.00 oz1.50each
Wallaby org lowfat key lime yogurt6.00 oz1.50each
Wallaby org lowfat peach yogurt6.00 oz1.50each
Wallaby org lowfat vanilla bean yogurt6.00 oz1.50each
Wasa sourdough crispbread9.70 oz3.50each
Wei chuan dried black fungus2.50 oz3.00each
Wel-pac fueru wakame2.00 oz3.25each
Wel-pac genkai ito wakame2.00 oz3.00each
West soy organic tempeh original8.00 oz3.40each
Westsoy low fat plain soy milk 32.00 fl oz2.95each
Wheat grass4.00each
White onions1.00 lbs1.25lbs
White onions - local1.00 lbs2.00each
White potatoes - green youth farms1.00 lbs2.50each
White rabbit // golden rabbit candy (individual)0.25each
Whole anise seeds2.80 oz6.00each
Whole wheat sandwich bread24.00 oz4.00each
Wholesome sweetener organic stevia packets5.65each
Wholesome sweeteners fair trade raw cane sugar1.50 lbs6.10each
Wholesome sweetners organic blackstrap molasses16.00 fl oz7.10each
Wild child granola - caramel dream12.00 oz7.50each
Wild country pure maple syrup8.00 fl oz9.50each
Wild planet wild sardines in olive oil with lemon125.00 g3.00each
Wild Rice Gouda1.00 oz8.00each
Wilhelmina pepermint candies0.25each
Wolff's kasha13.00 oz4.50each
Woller gentle breeze honey1.00 pt8.50each
Woller gentle breeze honey - big12.00 oz5.50each
Woller gentle breeze honey bear8.00 oz4.30each
Woller gentle breeze honey with comb8.00 oz5.00each
Woller gentle breeze raw honeycomb box12.00 oz12.00each
Woller gentle breeze spun honey8.00 oz6.50each
Woodstock organic black mission figs10.00 oz7.50each
Woodstock organic extra firm tofu14.00 oz4.00each
Woodstock organic kosher dill pickles24.00 fl oz8.00each
Woomtree wasabi43.00 g2.00each
Wrigley's big red0.35each
Wrigley's doublemint0.35each
Wrigley's juicy fruit0.35each
Xochitl organic blue corn chips16.00 oz7.00each
Ya pear0.50each
Yamabuki tezukuri aka miso6.00each
Yamamoto genmaicha1.69 oz2.75each
Yamamoto green tea32.00 g2.75each
Yamamoto oolong tea2.75each
Yamamotoyama Fukamushi Sencha green tea3.50 oz6.50each
Yellow bell pepper1.50each
Yellow bell peppers - local1.50lbs
Yellow onions1.00 lbs0.75lbs
Yerba mate1.50lbs
Yogi kava stress relief tea5.25each
Yorkshire gold black tea125.00 g5.75each
Young coconut4.00each
Yukon gold potatoes1.00 lbs1.00lbs
Yummy earth sour lollipops0.25each
Zhu dark soy, superior sauce750.00 g2.50each
Ziyad baba ghanouj13.00 oz2.00each
Ziyad coarse cracked wheat16.00 oz1.75each
Ziyad coconut macaroon12.00 oz3.25each
Ziyad falafil mix vegetable burger12.00 oz3.50each
Ziyad fennel seeds150.00 g4.00each
Ziyad fig jam16.00 oz3.10each
Ziyad foule mudammas small fava beans15.00 oz1.25each
Ziyad freekeh16.00 oz3.00each
Ziyad green za'atar roasted thyme1.00 lbs5.00each
Ziyad iraqi date syrup28.20 oz5.75each
Ziyad jordan almonds12.00 oz5.50each
Ziyad maftoul16.00 oz3.10each
Ziyad mango nectar250.00 mL1.00each
Ziyad medium couscous35.20 oz3.30each
Ziyad orange blossom water310.00 mL2.00each
Ziyad pure butter ghee1.00 lbs8.25each
Ziyad quince preserves 16.00 oz3.10each
Ziyad rose water300.00 mL2.00each
Ziyad sour cherry preserves 16.00 oz3.10each
Ziyad squash seeds roasted lightly salted12.00 oz6.00each
Ziyad strawberry preserves 16.00 oz3.10each
Ziyad tahini16.00 oz5.50each
Ziyad traditional halva with pistachio mediterranean sesame fudge350.00 g4.00each
Ziyad turkish figs12.00 oz4.00each
Ziyad watermelon seeds12.00 oz5.00each
Ziyad white cannellini kidney beans15.50 oz1.00each
Zoe's jerk bbq sauce12.00 oz4.00each
Zucchini // yellow squash0.80each